We specialize in certified diamonds, expert in-house jewelry repair, custom design pieces.

Safely Sell Your Old Jewelry and Earn Up to 15% More Towards Purchases

We offer up to 15% more than the daily value every day when you trade your unwanted gold jewelry in for store credit. Of course we're just as happy to pay you the cash and we guarantee the highest prices around. Stop in to receive the best offer for your old gold, silver, platinum, and diamonds. Feel at ease with no obligations.


Whether you need a ring re-sized or a diamond re-set, your jewelry is handled in-house by our master goldsmith. Most days you can even shop around while you wait!

Ring sizing - Diamond Setting - Soldering - Link Removals - Watch Batteries - Renewal Polishing & Cleaning - Rhodium and More

Custom Design

It starts with an idea - your idea. We help you put those ideas down on paper. From a rough sketch with a few specs, we can use our state of the art computer aided design software to get a perfect image of the piece of jewelry you had in mind. With that image, we will make what you dream up a reality!


Each formal appraisal includes:

  • Current retail prices in the regional market
  • Cut, color, clarity and carat weight of diamonds and other gemstones
  • Type and number of diamonds and other gemstones used
  • Weight of the precious metal used in the mounting
  • Type and number of gemstones
  • Manufacturer’s marks including brand name, serial numbers, and model numbers for pieces like watches
Retail Replacement Value
Retail Replacement Value is the price to replace the item if lost, stolen or destroyed at the current market values. These values are assigned only after the research of national, regional and local jewelry markets.

Insurance Appraisals
This appraisal is submitted to your insurance company to place coverage on an item of jewelry in case of loss, theft or damage. This is also called "scheduling" the jewelry. The value is described as the cost to replace the item with one of like, kind and quality. The values represent the current retail replacement from an average jewelry store, not any one in particular, exceptions being pieces that are signed.